Historical Bronzes

By Fernando Andrea


Fernando Andrea was born in 1961 in Madrid (Spain). When he was 16 years old he created his first sculpture. He was fascinated by the small scales and learned the basics quickly from his older brother Carlos Andrea.
He entered the art world very young studying and working in several studios where his talent and experience as a sculptor was forged. Fernando Andrea has been known since 1983 as one of the foremost designers of small scale sculptures, highly praised by connoisseurs and collectors all over the world.
In relation to the ANDREA STUDIO, Fernando collaborated there with different famous sculptors such as Sergio Blanco, Juan Munoz or Eva Riquelme.
His exhaustive historical research method around the characters allowed Fernando to achieve a high level of detail that makes his sculptures unique.

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Historical Bronzes
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Historical Bronzes

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11 Matching Products found
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